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Sylva Hůlová


@nestingspirits is a multi-disciplinary artist with over a decade of experience in creative fields. Her work spans illustration, animation, and alternative photography. As the founder of the RECesse gallery in Prague, she is committed to supporting a community of creatives who share her vision of art as a transformative force.

With a focus on dreamscapes of introspection, @nestingspirits invites viewers to explore their innermost thoughts through her art. Her work uses alternative photo process to create hauntingly beautiful images that challenge and inspire her audience, encouraging them to embrace vulnerability, and turn unbreakable chains of trauma into meaningful connections.


Intimate Rhytms: Dissonance (videoart, scannography) – 7/9/23 opening

Lumen prints

Salty Wizards (an immersive story)

Light plays

Interactive exhibition –
The Afterfantasy: a goddess, an object / Posnění: bohyně, objekt

RECesse (immersive art bar / art gallery in Prague)



Creative Direction in Galerie RECesse

Ambientní site specific galerie. Zážitky ze třpytivých světů ve stylu imerzivního eskapismu. Možná je tohle ta poslední party před koncem, tak ať stojí za to.

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DM: @rec.esse


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