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I love to work on windy, sunny days

those are the days to connect with them, the ancient spirits,

the depths of the soul.


Salty Wizards: an Illustrated Fairytale Fantasy for Little Ones

A tiny boy, who had just learned to walk, toddled in the sun-parched grass by the old villa. He kept peeking into a picnic basket with dishes, hoping to wolf down a piece of strudel left over from the afternoon snack. His sister was running around, chasing a huge white dog. With every sharp turn, the dog left behind a fluffy tuft of hair. These memories of their wild play then spread over the garden, continuing their existence. The little girl, wearing a floral dress, could have been about five years old. She had her hair woven into two golden braids from which messy curls escaped, framing her big red cheeks…



Sova Hůová

Illustrative Artist & Storyteller

Limited Editions of Giclée Art Prints


A3 & A4

2800 CZK & 1400 CZK

50 numbered & signed pieces of each size