My goal is to open a less visited part of the soul…

Sova Hůová / Nesting Spirits

I’m an illustrative artist and storyteller who creates dreamy art for people who love to escape into magical worlds and are brave enough to look into the eyes of darkness from time to time. I try to connect people with their roots with inky watercolor stories inspired by nature, folk-tales and dreams.
After studying ancient mythologies, I wanted to turn their creative potential into paintings. My interpretations are dreamy, expressive and guided by the paints.
My goal is to open a less visited part of the spectator’s soul and bring curiousity about the stories of our origins, collective, as well as individual.

I love to work on windy, sunny days. Those are the days to connect with them, the ancient spirits, the depths of the soul.
I also collect my inspiration in the mountains and the great outdoors all around Europe. I love the feeling, when I leave the campfire for a short walk in the meadow, the air crisp and filled with the smell of nearby forest and heather, the night full of stars. When I lie in the cold grass, watch the stars and get lost in them, I become aware of the stories these silent guardians had seen, and I imagine.

Then I recognize the world’s complexity and magic, and the healing connection of soul and surrounding landscape.
I want to bring it to you through my paintings. There’s also
a part of my work dedicated to children engaging with the same ideas.

I paint in my tiny studio at home, or outside.
Sometimes I work with my little ones, who often break the limits of my own imagination. We all love to read illustrated stories, play anything we can find, grow fragrant things in our garden and explore forgotten places during our dog walks.

“When I was a kid, they would say my imagination is too big, hoping I will grow up.”

(Special thanks for videography to Brikoler).