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Please, reach out if you have a question or something

you’d like to talk to me about

Can I hire you for a commission or buy an original?


At this time, I am focusing on my passions – creating and storytelling – and am not selling originals or taking outside work.
If you want to learn more about what I am working on right now, check out Chapter one of my illustrated story, Salty Wizards.


Book proposals.


I won’t be available for illustrating new books for some time, but I’m always curious about what you have on your minds. Don’t forget to specify the details and estimated budget.


I read about an art class you were teaching. How can I enroll?


You can take my online classes for creatives on Skillshare. It’s a wonderful platform to learn creative and practical skills. If you enroll to my class, you will get access to all the classes available on Skillshare for a monthly subscribtion fee.


Do you want me to send you my latest illustrated story?