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What's the difference between art prints and limited prints in your store?

Both are high-quality prints. Salty Wizards art prints are printed on glossy photographic paper that goes well with digital media. Limited prints are printed in 50 copies of each size as the highest-quality giclées. They are long-lasting and very close to originals. Please, keep your print from direct sunlight (as well as the original artworks).
All my prints are hand signed, limited prints are numbered.

Do you ship worldwide?

Yes. If you don’t find your country in the selection, write me a message and I will try to add it.

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O.K. I know what motif I want. How do I order it?

Write the name of your print into “Order notes” at checkout.


Where can I get your book Inking Animals?

You can find the list of online retailers HERE. / V Čechách třeba TADY.

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How can I purchase an original artwork?

At this time, I am focusing on my passions – creating and storytelling – and am not selling originals or taking outside work. However, if you saw an original artwork you would like to own on my IG, you can contact me on [email protected]. Originals are usually around 200$-400$.

            Online Art Classes

I read about an art class you were teaching. How can I enroll?

You can take my online classes for creatives on Skillshare. It’s a wonderful platform to learn creative and practical skills. If you enroll to my class, you will get access to all the classes available on Skillshare for a monthly subscribtion fee.$.